Emax Overview

The new Emax air circuit-breakers are the result of ABB

SACE’s constant commitment to look for new solutions, and of the know-how it has developed over the years. This is an incredibly innovative high quality circuit-breakers range, designed to satisfy all application requirements. The innovation of the new Emax is really outstanding from all points of view: completely re-engineered releases fitted with latest generation electronics, improved performances with the same dimensions and new applications to fulfil the latest market needs. The new electronics open a window on a world of extraordinary solutions, with connectivity options never before seen in the market. Discover the great advantages of ABB SACE’s new Emax. The evolution has been going on since 1955.

Continuing the tradition of ABB SACE, the new Emax range offers

performances at the top of its category. The Emax range offers you a great advantage: with the increased performances, you can use the smaller circuit-breaker frames, btaining considerable savings both in economic terms and in physical space within the switchgear. Emax E1 now offers current ratings up to 1600A, whilst Emax E3 is enhanced by version V with top of the range performances. Always aware of the rapid changes in the market, ABB SACE has made some specific versions to cover new applications and simplify retrofitting operations.

The new Emax range shines like a light from within: the new generation of protection releases is

fitted with the latest advances in electronics, offering individual bespoke solutions for control and protection. The new releases, which are amazingly versatile and simple to use, offer important innovations, such as the brand-new intuitive operator interface allowing complete control of the system with just a few simple keystrokes. Furthermore, there are new protections, new alarms and connection to handheld and laptop PCs using Bluetooth technology. The reengineered hardware architecture allows flexible and precise configuration. With the new Emax it is no longer necessary to completely replace the release – simply add the module which satisfies your requirements: a great advantage, both in terms of flexibility and customisation.

Careful selection of materials, meticulous assembly and a rigorous testing stage make the new Emax

an extremely reliable and sturdy product, able to withstand high dynamic and thermal stresses for longer than any other circuit-breaker in its category. With the new standardised system of accessories studied and made for the new Emax, work becomes easier, convenient, safe and rapid. Furthermore, ABB SACE puts a highly specialised and rapid customer assistance service at your disposal. The new Emax give you that pleasant feeling of security which only such a reliable product is able to do.